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Proven results

Defensive driver training is an investment that pays for itself in lower running costs and fewer crashes. You also enjoy the benefits of higher productivity, lower public liability risk, and improved fleet reputation.

heavily reduced crash costs

After our training, drivers have fewer crashes and the crashes they have tend to be less severe.

lower crash rates

In a long-term monitoring project, Babcock Equipment's crash rate dropped 46% after our training.

lower fuel bills and CO2 emissions

Our training can cut fuel bills dramatically. The training cost is often recovered in a few months through fuel savings alone.



South Africa's most innovative driving skills company.

Since 2008, our world-class driving specialists have helped hundreds of companies address the main cause of excessive fleet costs: incorrect driving habits.

Innovation has been first to market with every major driver training innovation of the last decade, including:

- full online equivalents for all trainer-facilitated courses
- realtime web-based training form with GPS route tracking and photo uploads
- online trainee management portal for fleet managers
No other driving skills company can match our training quality system which sees every training form quality-controlled by senior trainers before release to the client.

Our training standards and trainer monitoring systems are unsurpassed, with rigorous training standards and realtime trainer monitoring.
The results speak for themselves: drastic drops in fuel consumption, maintenance costs, crashes and satellite alerts after our training.

Make your first choice for driving skills improvement.